Chocolates can make you feel better, they can help to find sense in the most horrible situations. Chocolates can make you smile even when the sky is grey and you haven’t seen the sun in weeks. Chocolates can be your worst enemies and best friends – it’s all the matter of attitude.

There are millions of chocolates types, each of those has its own taste, its own filling, and all chocolates are made by using different technologies and various amounts of cacao and milk. Chocolates can be bitter, sweet, extra sweet, contain nuts, liquor, but all of them have something in common – you can’t hate chocolates and they are made to make you happy. France gave us lots of beautiful, luxurious and handful gifts, but chocolates are their best invention. Of course, we can’t say French invented chocolate, as it was brought to the country from colonies in the New World – mostly, from South America. But aristocrats and even kings and queens found chocolate extremely tasty and made it one of the most expensive desserts in Europe. Time passed, kings were beheaded, empires were torn apart, but chocolates were still popular among sweet tooth and men who didn’t know how to express their feelings.

Chocolates have soon become one of the most romantic symbols of love, especially when people all over the world started celebrating St. Valentine’s day. There were always those who forgot to buy presents or those who just couldn’t afford diamond necklace. Luckily for all of them there were chocolates to make their beloved ones forget about diamonds and enjoy the taste.

Chocolates in the boxes are not the limit – chocolate lover went further. There are shops where you can order your own kind of chocolates in the form and decoration you want. There are cafes that offer you chocolate soups and chocolate pizzas, and even liquor companies came out with some chocolate drinks.

Chocolates have conquered the world, but there are no people who can resist or rebel (there are some misfortune who have allergies, but you can only feel sorry for them). Chocolates have saved so many marriages and prevented so many quarrels they deserve medal for courage and peacemaking. The secret is simple – after eating a chocolate your troubles go away and you want to love and to give love. Maybe if we all ate enough chocolate world could be a much better place for all of us.