Trip to Childhood – Jelly Beans and jellies

There are things in our life that are worth numerous visits to the dentist. Jelly beans and jellies are definitely one of those things. These chewy candies that stick to your teeth and take forever to chew have become one of the symbols of our childhood. Everybody likes memories about careless and happy days of their childhood years, so jelly beans and jellies are still very popular. You can find jelly beans and jellies in any supermarket or even petrol station store on your way home. Jelly beans and jellies have a fruit taste of home and all those crazy things you used to do with your oldest and the most loyal friends.

Producers of jelly beans and jellies are aware their production is loved not only by children of all ages, but also by adults with respectable jobs and their own families. That’s why they keep making them in the boxes and shapes that remind us of something from our youth. There is not such a person in the world who didn’t want to go back in time at least for couple of minutes and feel like everything is still in front of you, waiting for you to explore. If you are trying to say that you are too grown-up for jelly beans and jellies you have to admit you have completely lost a child in you. Besides, how many times you sneaked a pack of Joo Joo beans in to the movie theatre and enjoyed eating them and drinking coke? We can be hundred years old, but if we stay young in our souls life can be as exciting and adventurous as it was when you were 18.

Jelly beans & jellies – who would have thought this candy will succeed among thousands and thousands of confectionary products. But there was something about those bright and colorful beans that made everyone like them. It is one of those things you can’t really explain why it happened, but it did happen, and now we can enjoy the taste of jelly beans & jellies after years of their invention. What else can we say – the inventor of these sweets was a genius. Jelly beans & jellies are a lot like gummies which everybody likes as well, but jelly beans & jellies have some differences in consistency and, well, they are just different. Another thing you can’t explain, but there are just gummies fans and those who prefer a pack of delicious jelly beans & jellies.