Lollies – Interesting Facts

We use lollies every day, but what do we really know about those sweets? The simplest answer will probably be that lollies are candies with some peculiarities. Lollies have been known long before chocolate became popular and available. First lollies were invented by French confectioners five hundred years ago, when well known sweets masters decided to make a candy that was pretty much based on sugar. It was easy to make and didn’t take many products or effort – just put crystallized sugar on a stick and you will have lollies. For couple of hundreds of years these candies were everything children from not so reach families could afford. Lollies were often made in forms of animals or plants, and that will make them desirable to children of all ages.

So, we know that lollies are made mostly from sugar, but what is the process itself? It is quite easy as well. You will need to boil some sugar, add artificial flavored syrups and some flavors. First lollies were required to be only sucked (you could still crack it and bite it – but it would just ruin your teeth and you won’t get any satisfaction), but today lollies can be made not only on sticks. Today the concept of making lollies became basics for making chewy marmalade, not glazed candies, sweet drops from cough and sore throat, lollies for losing weight and lots of others. Weight loss lollies are especially popular as they don’t really have anything in them that helps losing weight. You are just busy with sucking your candy and don’t want to put anything in your mouth which saves you consuming extra calories.

Lollies can have different forms, sizes and flavors, but mostly they are candies with fruit or mint flavor. Often lollies have gums or liquid caramel inside of them, so you get two flav ors in one candy. Harry Potter movies gave some companies ideas to make lollies with crazy flavors – like salted licorice. But all lollies have something in common – they are unique candies that are very easy to make and that have fans among consumers of all ages. Lollies have been known to people for a long time, something in the original recipe has changed, something has become better, but the idea of a sugar candy on a stick was definitely invented by a genius confectioner who loved sweets and wanted them to become part of our life.