Mints – Candies and More

When life seems desperate and unfair, when sun seems to shine not for you and all you really want to do is to cuddle under the blanket with a bottle of whiskey, chocolate ice-cream and a pack of cigarettes try to be stronger than circumstances. Alcohol is destroying you liver, cigarettes cause lung cancer and ice-cream – well, it’s a common weakness and God knows it is so hard to get rid of this habit. But now you can’t give up to depression, you need to think clearly.

So take a deep breath and eat some… mints. You will be surprised how these small candies that anyone probably has in the drawer of their kitchen can help you to calm down. For most of people mints are reminding from their past, from a safe and happy childhood when you had your Mum taking care of you and the only problem was to do your homework properly. That’s why mints have this quality to calm you down and make you feel better, it’s like a guide to you cheerful childhood years. Mints refresh your breath and cool down your brain, so you can throw away you antidepressants and sign up for a visit to your dentist. Well, you do have to pay for everything in this life, and it’s a quite fair price.

There are thousands and thousands of kinds of mints – candies, lollies, chocolate mints, ice-cream mints. It is all just the matter of taste and your mood. People often use mints instead of gums and keep a handful of delicious candies in their pockets, purses, desks or cars. Mints are commonly used during the plane flights as they are known to help avoiding panic seizures and notion. So if you are afraid to fly or doing it for the first time in your life don’t refuse to take couple of mints the stewardess is offering you. When it comes to a panic open your mouth as wide as you can (you will feel how your hearing improves at once), put a mint in your mouth and close your eyes. Think of those perfect sandy beaches and bronze tan you are coming to.

Mints are also helpful during unbearable hot days, when you come through 3-4 bottles of water in an hour and eating something sweet seems to be a bad idea. Mints don’t contain that much sugar, besides, they are refreshing and that makes you feel better. Sometimes after eating mints you can even feel like the temperature has dropped down.